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Optical vortices in the   Ginzburg–Landau equation with cubic–quintic nonlinearity 吴振坤 Nonlinear Dynamics SCI
Tuning optical and magnetic   properties of nanocrystalline BaTiO3 films by Fe doping 高惠平 Applied Physics A SCI
Oxygen-containing-defect-induced   synergistic nonlinear optical enhancement of graphene/CdS nanohybrids under   single pulse laser irradiation 朱宝华 Photonics Research SCI
Tunable surface plasma   resonance of gold nanorods superstructure and their SERS properties 孙宇飞 MICRO & NANO LETTERS SCI
Controllable Fabrication of   Au-Coated AFM Probes via a Wet-Chemistry Procedure 高丽珍 Nanoscale research letters SCI
Surface-related nonlinear   optical enhancement in graphene and G/ CdS nanohybrids 朱宝华 SPIE EI
Solution−Liquid−Solid Growth   of CuInTe2 and CuInSexTe2−x Semiconductor Nanowires 贾冠伟 Inorganic chemistry SCI
Optimizing the Electrical   Transport Properties of InBr via Pressure Regulation 马乐 Journal of Applied Physics SCI
Analysis of the CW single   frequency laser radiation from UV to near-IR generated by intra-cavity second   harmonic generation of the resonant wave in singly resonant optical   parametric oscillator under collimated Gaussian beam approximation 李鹏 Proceedings of SPIE EI
Behaviors and interactions of   H2 absorption to CuRn+ 李新营 International Journal of   Hydrogen Energy SCI
Human Fixations Detection   Model in Video Compressed-Domain Based on MVE and OBDL 李永军 Proc SPIE Int Soc Opt Eng EI
High efficiency flexible   perovskite solar cells using SnO2/graphene electron selective layer and   silver nanowires electrode 刘向阳 Applied Physics Letters SCI
Surface oxygen-containing   defects of graphene nanosheets with tunable nonlinear optical absorption and   refraction 朱宝华 Physical Chemistry Chemical   Physics SCI
The role of the intrinsic Se   and In vacancies in the interaction of O2 and H2O molecules with the InSe   monolayer, 马东伟 applied surface science SCI
Enhanced Performance of   Perovskite Solar Cells by Using Ultrathin BaTiO3 Interface Modification 秦建强 ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces SCI
Foreign Metal Ions to Control   the Morphology of Solution−Liquid−Solid Reaction 贾冠伟 CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN SCI
Enhanced energy storage   properties of BaTiO3 thin films by Ba0.4Sr0.6TiO3 layers modulation 刁春丽 JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS SCI
Improvement of   Thermoelectricity Through Magnetic Interactions in Layered Cr2Ge2Te6 彭成晓 Phys. Status Solidi RRL SCI
A yellow carbon dots-based   phosphor with high efficiency for white light emitting Devices 曹蒙蒙 Journal of Luminescence SCI
Shell-dependent blinking   behavior and fluorescence dynamics of single ZnSe/CdS core/ shell quantum   dots 郭幸 Nanoscale SCI
Synergistic Boron Doping of   Semiconductor and Dielectric Layers for High-Performance Metal Oxide   Transistors: Interplay of Experiment and Theory 张新安 Journal of the American Chemical   Society SCI
基于CCD传感器的香菇动态去根系统 高汉斌 传感器与微系统 CSCD
High Performance Piezoelectric   Energy Harvester and Self-powered Mechanosensing Using Lead Free   Potassium−Sodium Niobate Flexible Piezoelectric Composites 吴梦君 Journal of Materials Chemistry A SCI
Competition of Carrier   Separation and Recombination for an Optimized Electrode Configuration for   Flexible Thin-Film Solar Cells 刘向阳 ACS Applied Materials &   Interfaces SCI
A new up-conversion material   of Ho3+-Yb3+-Mg2+ tri-doped TiO2 and its applications to perovskite solar   cells. 张振龙 Nanoscale Research Letters SCI
Preparation And   Characterization Of Solution-Processed Nanocrystalline P-Type Cualo2   Thin-Film Transistors 张新安 Nanoscale Research Letters SCI
Enhancement of thermoelectric   figure of merit by the insertion of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in α-MgAgSb 雷景丹 Applied Physics Letters SCI
Two-photon isomerization   triggers two-photon-excited fluorescence of 魏忠然 Spectrochimica Acta Part A SCI
氮原子修饰点缺陷石墨烯结构和性质的理论研究 董文泽 原子与分子物理学报
Dependence of phonon transport   properties with stacking thickness in layered ZnO 彭成晓 J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. SCI
Pressure effect on the   electronic structure and thermoelectric properties of α-MgAgSb 李静玉 Computational Materials Science SCI
Evolution Based Structure   Design for Low-Pass IIR Digital Filters with Fault Tolerance 陈立家 Engineering Letters EI
Dielectric, ferroelectric   properties and photoconductivity effect of so-gel grown SrTiO3/BaTiO3 thin   film heterostructure 刁春丽 CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL SCI
Facile method for detecting   C23H25ClN2 in fish using Au nanoparticle films as SERS substrates on glass 李燕蒙 Micro & Nano Letters SCI
Spring-assisted hybrid   triboelectric-electromagnetic nanogenerator for harvesting low-frequency   vibration energy and creating self-powered security system 王伟超 Nanoscale SCI
Interface modification by   up-conversion material of Ho3+-Yb3+-Li+ tri-doped TiO2 to improve the   performance of perovskite solar cells 石文佳 Journal of Alloys and Compounds SCI
Preferred conformational   structures of disaccharides with β-1,4-linked Nacetylglucosamine and   D-mannose in the gas phase: A tree-step computational approach study 高建明 Computational and Theoretical   Chemistry SCI
A highly transparent and   autonomic self-healing organogel from solvent regulation based on hydrazide   derivatives 何柳 Journal of Materials Chemistry A SCI
A highly transparent and   autonomic self-healing organogel from solvent regulation based on hydrazide   derivatives 何柳 Journal of Materials Chemistry A SCI
The central stalk determines   the motility of mitotic kinesin-14 homodimers 王攀 Current Biology SCI
NiS submicron cubes with   efficient electrocatalytic activity as the counter electrode of   dye-sensitized solar cells 于琼哲 Royal Society open science SCI
The nature of the high   thermoelectric properties of CuInX2 (X = S, Se and Te): First-principles   study 杨癸 Applied Surface Science SCI
Covalent character and   electric field dependence of H2-AgX (X = F – I) 李新营 Journal of Molecular Modeling SCI
New monolayer ternary   In-containing sesquichalcogenides BiInSe3, SbInSe3, BiInTe3, and SbInTe3 with   high stability and extraordinary piezoelectric properties 阴化冰 Physical Chemistry Chemical   Physics SCI
Highly Transparent and   Conductive W-Doped ZnO/Cu/W-Doped ZnO Multilayer Source/Drain Electrodes for   Metal-Oxide Thin-Film Transistors 张新安 IEEE Electron Device Letters SCI
La施主掺杂SrTiO3单晶的阻变性能研究 李广辉 物 理 学 报 SCI
Synthesis and enhanced   third-order nonlinear optical effect of ZnSe/graphene composites 陈聪 AIP ADVANCES SCI
A facile strategy to enhance   the stability of Li-rich cathode: Electrochemical 王丹丹 Ceramics International SCI
Theoretical analysis of a   continuous-wave 323 nm laser generated by a singly resonant optical   parametric oscillator with intracavity sum-frequency generation 李鹏 Laser Physics SCI
Stabilized structural and   electrochemical properties of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 via 李亚萍 Solid State Ionics SCI
Engineering electrical   transport in α-MgAgSb to realize high performances near room temperature 雷景丹 Physical Chemistry Chemical   Physics SCI
Enhanced power conversion   efficiency of perovskite solar cells with an up- 张振龙 Nanoscale Research Letters SCI
Concurrent Harvesting Ambient   Energy by Hybrid Nanogenerators for Wearable Self-Powered Systems and Active   Remote Sensing 郑海务 ACS Applied Materials Interfaces SCI
A novel evolutionary method of   structure-diversified digital filter design and its experimental study 刘名果 Soft Computing SCI
Atomic Force Microscopy Based   Tip-Enhanced Raman 高丽珍 Int. J. Mol. Sci. SCI
Structure synthesis for   passive fault-tolerant digital low pass filters with permanent faults 陈立家 ICIC Express Letters
新视域下青年教师培养模式的策略研究 侯卫周 现代职业教育
Modulating electronic and   optical properties of black phosphorous carbide monolayers by molecular   doping 张静 applied surface science SCI
Effect of different analyte   diffusion/ adsorption protocols on SERS signals 李若平 Molecular Physics SCI
Enhanced recoverable energy   storage density of Mn-doped Ba0.4Sr0.6TiO3 thin films prepared by   spin-coating technique 刁春丽 JOURNAL OF MATERIALS   SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICS SCI
C3N monolayers as promising   candidates for NO2 sensors 马东伟 Sensors and Actuators B:   Chemical SCI
Carbon-coated Bi5Nb3O15 as   anode material in rechargeable batteries for Yuhang Li Ceramics International SCI
The preprophase   band-associated kinesin-14 OsKCH2 is a processive minus-end-directed   microtubule motor Kuo-Fu Tseng Nature Communications SCI
Microwave-controlled airy beam   propagation in multilevel atomic vapors 吴振坤 Optik SCI
Bias polarity-dependent   unipolar switching behavior in NiO/SrTiO3 stacked layer 孙献文 Chinese Physics B SCI
Morphology-Tuned Phase   Transitions of Horseshoe Shaped BaTiO3 Nanomaterials under High Pressure 张华芳 J. Phys. Chem. C SCI
Evolution of finite energy   Airy beams in cubic-quintic atomic vapor system 吴振坤 Front. Phys SCI
Stability and charge   separation of different CH3NH3SnI3/TiO2 interface: A first-principles study 杨振振 applied surface science SCI
First-principles study on the   gas sensing property of the Ge, As, and Br doped PtSe2 张静 Materials Reserch Express SCI
Hybrid density functional   study on the mechanism for the enhanced photocatalytic properties of the   ultrathin hybrid layered nanocomposite g-C3N4/BiOCl 姚文志 applied surface science SCI
On the covalence in H2-AuX (X   = F – I) 李新营 International Journal of   Hydrogen Energy SCI
Electrochemical performance of   Li-rich Li[Li0.2Mn0.56Ni0.17Co0.07]O2 王丹丹 Electrochimica Acta SCI
Two new kinds of nanodiamonds   with the structure of controlled sp3/sp2 carbon ratio and carbon atom dimer   by the cleavage plane mechanical stripping crush separation preparation   technology guo liuxi Fullerenes, Nanotubes and   Carbon  Nanostructures SCI
b-NaYF4:Yb3t, Tm3t@TiO2   core-shell nanoparticles incorporated into 梁记伟 Electrochimica Acta SCI
静态工作点稳定电路频率特性的虚拟测试研究 侯卫周 实验技术与管理
基于改进分块匹配和AKF的抗遮挡目标追踪 杨铼 传感器与微系统
Study on the Multi-level   Resistance Switching Memory and Memory-State Dependent Photovoltage in   Pt/Nd:SrTiO3 王胜凯 Nanoscale Research Letters SCI
Research on Ship Trajectory   Tracking with High Precision Based on LOS 刘恒志 EECR 2018 EI
A new type of biomimetic fish   with oscillatory propulsion method 张镭 International conference on   mechanical, electronic and information technology engineering, ICMITE2017 EI
Upconversion effective   enhancement of NaYF4:Yb3+/ Er3+ nanoparticles by Ni2+ doping 易梦冀 J Mater Sci SCI
The optimum titanium precursor   of fabricating TiO2 compact layer for perovskite solar cells 秦建强 Nanoscale Research Letters SCI
从唯物史观角度看马克思世界历史理论 魏森杰 学理论