发布日期: 2018-05-20
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Dual   effects of lone-pair electrons and rattling atoms in CuBiS2 on ultralow   thermal conductivity 冯真真 Physical Review B SCI
A fast   and efficient saliency detection model in video compressed-domain for human   fixations prediction 李永军 MULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND   APPLICATIONS SCI
Theoretical   Investigation on the covalence in AgRnX and XAgRn (X = F – I). 李新营 Journal of Molecular Modeling SCI
Stabilities   and interactions of CuRnX and XCuRn (X = F – I): ab initio calculations. 李新营 Molecular Physics SCI
Self-accelerating   Airy-Laguerre-Gaussian light bullets in a     two dimensional strongly nonlocal nonlinear medium 吴振坤 Optics Express SCI
Colorimetry   and phase transition characteristics in sensing fluoride anion based on   hydrazide organogelators 冉霞 RSC advances SCI
Hf/Sb   co-doping induced a high thermoelectric performance of ZrNiSn:   First-principles calculation 张菊 Scientific Report SCI
Photovoltaic   enhancement by Au surface-plasmon effect for La doped BiFeO3 films 李峰柱 JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C SCI
Giant   Piezoelectric Effects in Monolayer Group‑V Binary Compounds with Honeycomb   Phases: A First-Principles Prediction 阴化冰 Journal of Physical Chemistry C SCI
Controllable   wettability and adhesion of superhydrophobic self-assembled surfaces based on   a novel azobenzene derivative 高琼琼 RSC Advances SCI
Enhanced   piezoelectricity of monolayer phosphorene oxides: a theoretical study 阴化冰 Physical Chemistry Chemical   Physics SCI
Structure   Evolution Based Optimization Algorithm for Low Pass IIR Digital Filter Design 陈立家 International Journal of   Computational Intelligence Systems SCI
基于AI2的《半导体器件物理》课程辅助教学app设计 向兵 商丘师范学院学报
内腔倍频单共振光学参量振荡器输出特性分析 李鹏 激光与光电子学进展
Construction   of High Quality Key-dependent S-boxes 敖天勇 IAENG International Journal of   Computer Science EI
Enhanced   Photovoltaic Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells Based on Er-YbCo- doped   TiO2 Nanorod Arrays 王肖丽 Electrochimica Acta SCI
Ag-Mg   antisite defect induced high thermoelectric performance of alpha-MgAgSb 冯真真 Scientific Reprot SCI
Optimum   electronic structures for high thermoelectric figure of merit within several   isotropic elastic scattering models 闫玉丽 SCIentIfIC REPOrts SCI
Probing   the inhomogeneity and intermediates in the photosensitized degradation of   rhodamine B by Ag3PO4 nanoparticles from an ensemble to a single molecule   approach 徐贝贝 RSC Advances SCI
新视角下青年教师培养模式优化策略分析和研究 侯卫周 中国教育技术装备
Large   enhanced conversion efficiency of perovskite solar cells by CsBr doping 张丽英 Journal of Materials and Science SCI
Polarization   dependent ferroelectric photovoltaic effects in BFTO/CuO thin films 祝鸣赛 APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS SCI
Antibonding   Holes Induced Good Thermoelectric Properties of p-type Ca5Ga2As6 禹青秀 Journal of the Physical Society   of Japan SCI
团雾激光散射特性及其在智能交通监测中的应用 郝宇 传感器与微系统
The   driving force for forming As-As bonding and its effect on theelectronic   structures and the thermoelectric properties of Zintl Ca5M2As6 (M = Sn, Ga) 罗东宝 RSC Advances SCI
Influence   of the elements (Pn=As, Sb, Bi) on the transport properties of p-type Zintl   compounds BaZn2Pn2 张喜雯 Computational Materials Science SCI
教学团队建设对促进青年教师职后发展的策略研究 侯卫周 中国教育技术装备
Surface-tuned   three-photon absorption of CdSe nanocrystals in near-infrared 王冲 Applied Physics B SCI
On the   Covalence in Coinage-Metal Halides M3X3 (M = Cu, Ag and Au, X = F – I) 李新营 Molecular Physics SCI
Investigation   on native defects of a-MgAgSb and its effects on thermoelectric properties   using first principles calculations 庞卓异 Current Applied Physics SCI
Two-step   phase shifting differential-recording digital holographic microscopy 韩俊鹤 Scientific Reports SCI
Photoresponsive   behavior and switchable nonlinear optical properties of Langmuir-Blodgett   film based on azobenzene derivatives 李秋玥 Optics Express SCI
基于改进直方图均衡化和SSR算法的灰度图像增强研究 胡倍倍 量子电子学报 CSCD
Theoretical   and experimental investigations of the thermoelectric properties of Al-, Bi-   and Sn-doped ZnO 关卫宝 Materials Science in   Semiconductor Processing SCI
In situ   SERS monitoring of plasmonic nano-dopants during photopolymerization 李若平 Optics Letters SCI
A facile   method to synthesis high-quality CdSe quantum dots for large and tunable   nonlinear absorption 曹娅婉 Optical Materials SCI
Quantum   correlations generation and distribution in a universal covariant quantum   cloning circuit 任喜军 Science China. Information   Sciences SCI
直接耦合多级放大电路的虚拟测试分析与研究 蒋俊华 实验技术与管理
一款单片机系统控制的温控智能水杯设计 侯卫周 实验室研究与探索
Simultaneous   size and luminescence control of KZnF3:Yb3+/Er3+ nanoparticles by   incorporation of Mn2+ 黄章宇 Journal of Materials Science SCI
光纤传感的后起之秀——分布式传感 张锦龙 南京信息工程大学学报
直接耦合多级放大电路的虚拟测试分析与研究 蒋俊华 实验技术与管理
热释电红外探测实验装置的设计与应用 王孟禄 实验科学与技术
Observation   bootstrapping CDK-GMPHD filter based on consensus fusion strategy 付春玲 Optik SCI
Growth   of Zr/N-codoped TiO2 nanorod arrays for enhanced photovoltaic performance of   perovskite solar cells 张振龙 RSC Advances SCI
AuRnX   and XAuRn (X = F – I and OH). 李新营 ChemistrySelect SCI
Human   fixation detection model in video compressed domain based on Markov random   field 李永军 J. Electron. Imaging SCI
Influence   of oxygen flow rate on metal–insulator transition of vanadium oxide thin   films grown by RF magnetron sputtering 马旭 Applied Physics A
Novel   (1×1)-reconstructions and native defects of TiO2 anatase (101) 王清高 Applied Surface Science SCI
Effects   of precursor composition on the performance and I-V hysteresis of   CH3NH3PbI3-xClx based perovskite solar cells 张振龙 Nanoscale Research Letters SCI
A novel   evolutionary method of structure-diversified digital filter design and its   experimental study 刘名果 soft computing SCI
Enhancement   of Perovskite Solar Cells Efficiency using N-Doped TiO2 Nanorod Arrays as   Electron Transfer Layer 张振龙 Nanoscale Research Letters SCI
Bi5FeTi3O15   nanofibers/graphene nanocomposites as an effective counter electrode for   dye-sensitized solar cells 郑海务 Nanoscale research letters SCI
Quantitative   determination of melamine in milk using Ag nanoparticle monolayer film as   SERS substrate 李若平 Physica E: Low-dimensional   Systems and Nanostructures SCI
Investigation   on three-photon absorption induced upconversion fluorescence properties of   two fluorene-based derivative 刘军辉 Optik
Investigating   the Co-Adsorption Behavior of Nucleic-Acid Base (Thymine and Cytosine) and   Melamine at Liquid/Solid Interface 赵慧玲 Nanoscale Research Letters
中外高校实验室安全管理的比较及启示 王孟禄 实验室研究与探索
基于自适应尺度因子的   Retinex 红外图像增强算法 郝宇 红外技术
Secure   Communication in Uplink Transmissions: User Selection and Multiuser Secrecy   Gain 邓浩 IEEE Transactions on   Communications SCI
基于   Multisim 的高频电子线路同步检波器的设计与仿真分析 侯卫周 实验技术与管理
基于NI   Multisim 10. 1 数字逻辑选择器的虚拟仿真 侯卫周 实验科学与技术
Secrecy   Transmission With a Helper: To Relay or to Jam 邓浩 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION   FORENSICS AND SECURITY SCI
基于AFM针尖电化学刻蚀的金纳米电极制备 李天锋 科学通报
利用LB技术获得金纳米粒子二维结构 李天锋 金沙正规投注官网学报(自然科学版)